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Re: GDB support for hppa

> Sure, that's why we contacted either, we sent you a mail on april 29th,
> and as Grant said, we asked on IRC, where Carlos O'Donnel and Randolph 
> Chung were present. Carlos seemed to speak authoritatively concerning Alan's 
> work.

I told Alan Modra that I'd take the changes off his hands and put the
pressure forward to get changes done for an upstream merge. All I've
done so far is looked at the patches and kept abreast of gdb
development... with the occasional push to other developers with more
free time. So I've been rather lax in my duties :(

> Anyway, we're not working on a package "per se", we're working on 
> getting changes merged upstream and fixing known bugs.

The problem is that upstream has changed soo much that it requires a
rework of the current port. I've discussed this with you guys already...
and I admit that our current port is a hack (e.g. cut'n'paste+hack).

I recommend to the ESIEE team that they try hard to get HPPA into
upstream gdb.


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