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C180XP "testing" notes.

Follow up.  Testing is installed.  I went ahead and installed the latest
kernel for this distribution.

uname -a
Linux papa 2.4.18-32 #1 Fri Nov 22 22:13:08 MST 2002 parisc unknown unknown GNU/Linux

This kernel offers a little more "sti" information:

Linux version 2.4.18-32 (root@j5k) (gcc version 3.0.4) #1 Fri Nov 22 22:13:08 MST 2002
STI GSC/PCI graphics driver version 0.9
STI word mode ROM at f0027000, hpa at fa000000
STI id 2d08c0a7-9a02587, conforms to spec rev. 8.07
STI device: INTERNAL_EG_1280
STI byte mode ROM at f4000000, hpa at f4000000
STI id 2f8d570e-9a02587, conforms to spec rev. 8.05
STI device: HPA4246A
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 160x64
fb0: stifb 1280x1024-8 frame buffer device, id: 2d08c0a7, mmio: 0xfa100000
stifb: Unsupported gfx card id 0x2f8d570e

The last line suggests the kernel in fact doesn't support the HPA4246A
card.  I downloaded the source for this kernel, copied the existing
/boot/config-2.4.18-32 to /etc/src/kernel-source-2.4.18/.config, then
looked to see if there might be a flag for this card.  None found.  I'm
wondering if there is a patch or something to get this card working?

Anyone out there compling the "beta" 2.5.* kernels for this machine with
support for this card?

Thanks All,

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