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C180XP installation notes.

The install "path" I took was not straight forward.  Here are my

1. The Debian 3.0 woody install disk #1 would start its boot then hang.
   But, the 0.9.3 disk booted with no problems.

2. After installing a minimal 0.9.3 distribution to the harddrive, I
   rebooted, edited the /etc/apt/sources.list.  I then did an apt-get
   update/dselect-upgrade.  This installed Debian 3.0.

3. KDE is currently up and running on the internal video port.  I'm still
   trying to figure out how to get this system to boot using the
   framebuffer (HPA4246A) in one of the expansion slots.

Currently, I'm doing an apt-get "testing" upgrade.


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