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Re: HPA4246A framebuffer device.

On Tuesday 22 April 2003 12:45 am, K. David Prince wrote:
> I'm setting up one of our C180-XL machines.  Debian 3.0 is installed and X
> runs on the internal STI device.  This machine has a second video card,
> the HPA4246A.  I'd like boot with this as our primary display.  I've
> changed the console to GRAPHICS(4), which is where firmware reports this
> device, and, after reset, switched the monitor to this device.  During
> boot, I've changed the "sti=0" line to "sti=4".  

sti=0 -> use the default (default: first) card,
sti=1 -> first detected card,
sti=2 -> second detected card.

You might want to try "sti=2" instead.


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