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HPA4246A framebuffer device.

I'm setting up one of our C180-XL machines.  Debian 3.0 is installed and X
runs on the internal STI device.  This machine has a second video card,
the HPA4246A.  I'd like boot with this as our primary display.  I've
changed the console to GRAPHICS(4), which is where firmware reports this
device, and, after reset, switched the monitor to this device.  During
boot, I've changed the "sti=0" line to "sti=4".  The machine stops
displaying with the "change console" warning...logging in through the
network, I see that the system is still booting the internal device.

Is there a way to get this system to boot using the HPA4246A card?

>From dmesg:

STI word mode ROM at f0027000, hpa=fa000000
STI word mode ROM, id 2d08c0a7-9a02587, conforms to spec rev. 8.07
STI device: INTERNAL_EG_1280
STI byte mode ROM at f4000000, hpa=f4000000
STI byte mode ROM, id 2f8d570e-9a02587, conforms to spec rev. 8.05
STI device: HPA4246A

Thanks for any info,

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