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Re: DF <> SE Compatibility, Size compatibility with Debian, /HOME & other noobness?

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From: "Alexander Gabert" <pappy@nikita.ath.cx>
> if DF means "high voltage differential" (what i suppose it means):

Thanks for the link and explanation.
All is clear now.

> maybe you should check your palo partition and / partition
> what says "boot pri"?
> can`t find it?
> or is palo hanging?
> "boot pri isl" or "boot pri ipl" should drop you into the palo
> or the ISL of hp-ux if it is still on the disk

I took great care to get the partitions right.
What happens is: 
"IPL error: bad LIF magic. Error Reading IPL"
So I'm guessing something whent wrong while writing the

I'll be testing with another disk asap.

thanks you,

 - bram

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