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Re: DF <> SE Compatibility, Size compatibility with Debian, /HOME & other noobness?

From: "Grant Grundler" <grundler@parisc-linux.org>
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 01:14:52PM +0200, Smartelectronix - Bram wrote:
> > However, the 2GB disk (DF-disk) worked flawlessly in the SE-slot...
> I don't believe you.  Please post console output that shows all
> the SCSI driver output at boot time (dmesg output should have it).

I posted a link in my previous message, here it is again...

> DF disks are NOT compatible with SE signaling.
> DF-SE Converters exist that allow a DF disk to talk on SE signaled bus.
> But I think it's more likely you are confusing the bus signaling type.

Well, the busses on the server-case itself are marked 'SE':
ALL my disks are marked 'DF'.

Could it perhaps be that while the marking say 'SE' the slots on the
really are DF-slots?

As said before I'm really a newbie to both HPPA and Linux, so don't
shoot me if I got it wrong!!

 - bram

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