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712 keyboard hung up at install

Context :
Install debian hppa on 712 via bootp from debian i386.
Two 712 boxes, two mices, three keyboards give me the sames results - so no pb hard

Done : Installation tftp server, bootp, boot lan at BOOT_ADMIN> to dowload lifimage OK

The kernel boot well and starts init. init starts the menu "Choose the Language" and my keyboard is hung up.

I've asked at this forum but I only found an insurance that it can work well.

I found in the Install Debian Linux 3.0 on the PA-RISC, chpt 5.1.1 an argument to dbootstrap, "nolangchooser"
and a comment about framebuffer which can give the problems on some boxes.

I put merrily my magic argument into kernel args at isl, have no "Choose the Language" menu but "Release Notes - Sotware in the Public Interest ..." menu with a lovely "Continue" on the bottom and the keyboard aways hung up :-(o

The both menus are ncurses menu.

I decompress root.bin , mount it, look at inittab, and at udbootstrap and see :
export TERM
exec /sbin/dbootstrap

So my PC keyboard and VGA screen are defined as vt102...

So my question is : Do you know how to modify the compressed ramdisk attached to lifimage ?

Or also : Somebody can give me any lift ?



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