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howto disable A500's temperature cut-out safety feature?


sarti.d.o (an A500) is hosted in a room whose AC unit is having issues
atm and occasionally it switches itself off until it gets some
attention from a human.  Of all the machines in there, only sarti
notices the resulting excessive temperature and switches itself off (I
assume?).  The problem is, once it does this, the only way to restore
it is to physically (and on-site) power cycle it, the GSP doesn't
work, 'RS' just whines that "SPU power is down!".  'PC' doesn't work
either, saying "The system did not respond to the Power-On command."

Is there anyway to work around this?


P.S. I am aware that the correct solution is to just fix the AC, but
     that's out of my hands.

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