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735 does not found a bootdev after install


i installed debian-hppa yesterday over netboot on my 735/125 (i did it
twice to verify it). I chose 16MB f0 partition primary, 800 mb 83 primary,
the rest for swap, part. 82, primary too. then i run through all
installtion steps w/o problems (i don't added additional kernel modules -
just hit enter in this configuration menue w/o doing anything). PALO wrote
his stuff out successfully - so i hit at last "Reboot system"

But my IPL does not found my scsi disk. only my netboot-host. (i pulled
the HVD drives, with hp-ux installed, out before i started the debian
installtion - just to be secure of my data ;).
I choosed "a" for the BOOT_ADMIN> promt, and then typed "boot scsi". I
hear theat he is doing sth. on the harddisk, but then i got a maybe 6 or 7
lines long hexdump, and he rescans the bootdevices (like you choose boot
lan w/o a rbootd daemon runing somewhere)

So... whats the problem? :)

  Greetings, Oliver

Oliver Lehmann, lehmann@ans-netz.de, http://www.pofo.de/

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