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Re: Can't compile kernel 2.4.18 for d class

From: Carlos O'Donell <carlos@baldric.uwo.ca>
Why would downgrading libc6 break your box? If programs required a
spcecific version then they'll get uninstalled when you downgrade. I've
downgraded glibc many times (but I no longer have any fear of glibc :)

Carlos you were right i downgraded libc6 using dpkg --force-overwrite libc6-2.X.X.dep and that seem to downgrade libc6.

> 2) Out of interest how did the information provided lead you to identify
> libc6-dev as the missing link?

All those are required target architecture headers. Work with it long
enough and you'll recognize them...

Guess there is nothing like experience.

p.s. Nice email address.


Once I sorted out the above (thanks matt, carlos, richard and thomas) I was able to build my kernel to 2.4.18 (is the first time always this exciting?). It took hours (not sure how long I went home after 2 hours). Now that I've got a taste for it I'm building my 2.4.18 kernel to have lvm support (having downloaded and patched to lvm 1.0.6). The command structure looks very similiar to what I'm use to (HPUX admin). So things are looking good. I have some other questions, but I don't want to trouble you any more (well maybe later).

Thanks again.


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