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Re: Can't compile kernel 2.4.18 for d class

Debian parisc (debianparisc@hotmail.com) wrote on 2002-12-05:
what could the problem(s) be?

You didn't insall libc6-dev (the glibc header files), probably.

looks to me like you don't have libc6-dev installed.

Thanks Matthew/thomas you are both right, libc6-dev isn't installed. I think I know what has happen, when I installed libc6 to a higher version I managed to mess up libc6-dev and it is now removed.
A couple more questions:-

1) I've tried to reinstall libc6-dev, but as it is off the cd it is at 2.2.5-6 which depends on libc6 being 2.2.5-6 which it isn't because I've upgraded it to 2.2.5-14.3. what is the easiest way out of this situation? downgrade libc6 (how? given that it will break everything else) or upgrade libc6-dev to a later version (which require other dependancies - no internet access.

2) Out of interest how did the information provided lead you to identify libc6-dev as the missing link?



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