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Re: Instaling Debian

Dear Martin,

here are some hints for you:


The earliest PA-RISC servers have proprietary HP devices attached to
proprietary HP bus architectures. Documentation on these busses and
devices will not become available soon since no one in HP is finding,
"scrubbing", and releasing the docs. Machines in this category are the E,
F, G, H, I class (aka Nova) and T500 series (Emerald) machines as well as
some earlier, unlettered servers.

E 856/E55 V-S 32 Tested here! Cristoph Plattner is back! Look at the
several modifications he sent at the mailing list816/E35 V-S 32 Tested here! We have this box, and thanks to Ryan
Bradetich's efforts, we succeeded in booting the kernel. Now we are
working on SCSI support (as for all E-class systems). We have to
investigate directly onto the hardware since there isn't available
documentation for SCSI controller. Stay tuned ! For now, you can use
E-class as diskless servers (!). See also this mail for further info.Others X  It is not yet supported, but if you have any feedback about a
successful try, mail us !

You may have a chance, using this machine as a diskless machine
with NFS ROOT file system.

We have added a "PDC ROM console" driver to the kernel (I needed this
for my E55). You can compile a kernel with the CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE
(config under "Non-standard serial port support" under "Character
and follow the setup instruction in the HELP of CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE.
(Creating the device `/dev/ttyB0' and setting up the `console=ttyB0'
kernel line parameter and modify `/etc/inittab'.

If it is the same as on my E55, you cannot access the serial ports
(MDP MUX board with 8 serial), the parallel port and the SCSI interface.
The serial port-0 on the MUX is used a PDC console (default setup),
and the new linux driver accesses this ROM PDC console (port 0).

The core machine and ethernet is working on my E55.

I hope this helps and good luck

Christoph P.

bye, alex

> Hi,
> I have little problem, i will install Debian Woody 3.0 on a HP9000 E25
> server.
> But i runnig CD, the witing on console message :
> Branching to kernel entry point 0x00100000. If this is the last message
> you see,  you may need to switch your console.
> This is a common sympton -- search the FAQ and mailing list at
> parisc-linux.org.
> I serching this problem on web, but i find nothing.
> If you can help, please help me.
> 					Thanks ...
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