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Re: HIL keyboard and mouse on 735 with XFree86...

> I've set up an Apollo 735/99 system and used the XF86Config-
4 file from the faq of parisc-
linux.org and my system now loads up the login prompt from gnome, but my
 keyboard mapping is not correct and my HIL mouse (which plugs into the 
keyboard) doesn't work. What config should I use to get the keyboard map
ping right, and is it possible to get that HIL mouse working as well, or
 will I just have to put in a serial mouse?

Since a HPPA kernel patch (I don't remember exacly) you can include the 
HIL support to the kernel, sono you can also use the original HIL 
devices instead of the serial/PS2 ones. Then you can add the HIL lines 
in /etc/X11/XF86Config.
The steps are documented in the HOWTO addiction (HIL and X enviroment 
configuration) I privately sent to you. I prefer not to fulfill this 
list of one document since I haven't a good feedback for my effort. 
Maybe anyone found it NOT correct or (:-(( wrong!


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