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Re: Apollo 735/99 with X? (also 735/125)

i've *just* got a 735/125 working and X works fine... get the XF86Config-4 
file from the hppa-linux site (link through FAQ). In fact it turns out i have 
a 32 bit (24) graphics option so it looks pretty good. I couldnt find much in 
the way of specific info on the 735 but after a bit of trial and error i 
realised that it definitely requires the rboot protocol and *not* bootp. once 
i'd figured that it booted up no problem. dont configure the keyboard during 
install tho! skip to the next stage.

other points i can think of atm... dont install xdm (locked up my computer 
hard). also once i compiled a kernel with frame buffer (must do this to get X 
working anyway) the console screen didnt scroll during boot up so after the 
screen filled the rest of the screen output appeared on one line at the top. 
once i am logged in a simple 'reset' command sorts this also switching to 
other virtual consoles is fine. (this may be due to a missed config in the 
compile altho i used default settings). also screenblank seems a bit primitive 
in that output still appears on the blanked screen...

of course none of this may be relevant to you, i dont know how similar the 735 
models are. this is my first foray into hppa territory. congratulations on the 
debian port - quite painless really. looking forward to playing some more with 
this machine...


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