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Re: Apollo 735/99 with X?

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 11:55:07AM -0500, Nick wrote:
> Will an Apolla 735/99 system work properly with X-windows? I received this
> old system and was thinking about installing linux on it, but I would like
> to know ahead of time if there is even a chance of getting it to run with X.
> So far I have just started it up and played around in the boot_admin.
> Some of the system information at a glance (if it helps):
> Apollo 735 at 99Mhz
> A1659-66001 video card
> A2094A monitor
> 288Megs of ram
> 1 gig scsi hd (I assume I can probably use other scsi hard drives as well)
> HIL keyboard and mouse

the only thing which will probably not work on your system is the
fast-wide-diff scsi.

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