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Re: Debian menu for woody ?

> I got a request (bug #169271) to push menu for hppa in woody.
> Unfortunately, I have had very little succes on hppa even on sid,
> and menu does not even build out of the box on hppa/woody. However
> since I do not have root access on any hppa, box this is difficult
> to test if menu fail because of an internal error or because of a 
> misconfiguration. 

you do not need root access to test menu. Just build and run it on paer,
it will likely die immediately.

> So I would ask you to test this package further and report if you have some
> success.
> More generally I would like your opinion about the request in #169271.

The problem with menu is that c++ exceptions is not well-supported with
g++-3.0. You might have better luck with g++-3.2... but that precludes
it from going into woody.


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