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Re: upgrading libc6 from 2.2.5-14.3 to 2.3.1-5 fails on 712

live fast, die young ...

yesterday i set up my c200 with debian.  headless.
no visualize fx2 support :-(
anyway, makes up a good server.

kernel-image-2.4.9 hpmc's mpg123 *ouch*

put debian.org stable into sources.list
fetch kernel-image-2.4.18 32bit hppa
dist-upgrade, reboot new kernel
works fine.  no glibc problems.  no kernel problems.
plays mp3's with mpg123, accepts ssh sessions - "out of the box"
only one little thing i have to research, the box is telling something
like "WARNING: running out of DMA buffers" or something like...
i really appreciate this list.  but stay cool.

if you use testing software, thus do the update stuff a lot and run into
problems, don't be so weird about it.  if you use stable software and your
workstation hangs, file (patch?) a bug or install windows.
for the last months, we had very little flames and very much productive
threads about program development and package management.
i don't want to miss that, so stay tuned and hang on doing good work.

another issue:
do we still need compile hosts for debian in europe/germany?
i am willing to give ssh shell access to debian developers/package
maintainers/porters in germany.  i already know, there is paer, are there
any other machines like it?
my machine has 3 4.5gb ultra wide scsi disks in it, 512mb memory, 200mhz
processor and can be used as a compile environment for hppa debian.if we need disk space, i can import the filesystem from nikita, which can
be freed to approximately 30GB.
it is also possible to set up chroots for testing and unstable branches.

this evening, i am going to measure the time for kernel compiles and
typical program compilation times and play around with bonnie++.
have a nice day,

bye, pappy

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