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Re: Interphase NIO-100BaseTX on K570

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 09:30:30AM -0500, Jeffrey Layton wrote:
> 12. Interphase NIO-100BaseTX (4) at 0xf1908000 [10/4/8], versions 0x4,
> 0x0, 0x382
> Unfortunately, I have yet to see a driver that works for these. I also
> saw some other messages in another group that hinted that this was
> unsupportable due to lack of documentation, but details were sketchy.
> Can anyone confirm or deny that this is the case?

I certainly don't have docs for them... I suspect someone may, but they
may not be able to release them since it's Interphase's card, not HP's.
It might help if you could tell us what chip is on those cards -- maybe
it was reused as a PCI 100BaseT chip?

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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