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Interphase NIO-100BaseTX on K570

I got my K570 to boot by changing the serial port to use ttyB0 instead
of ttyS0 (thanks for the pointer to the FAQ!), and got the machine to
install by using the built in 10Base-T interface. There are also 2
100BaseT interfaces in the box as well, and the bus scan during the boot
shows them as:

12. Interphase NIO-100BaseTX (4) at 0xf1908000 [10/4/8], versions 0x4,
0x0, 0x382
Unfortunately, I have yet to see a driver that works for these. I also
saw some other messages in another group that hinted that this was
unsupportable due to lack of documentation, but details were sketchy.
Can anyone confirm or deny that this is the case?


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