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kernel fault when booting K570 to net install CD

I have a K570 that I was planning to redeploy as a PARISC linux box, but
when I boot the net install CD, it panics. I've copied and pasted in the
fault message and attached it to this email. Looks like it might be
something in the serial driver. Any help debugging this would be much

STI GSC/PCI graphics driver version 0.9
pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
Serial driver version 5.05c (2001-07-08) with MANY_PORTS SHARE_IRQ SERIAL_PCI enabled
WARNING! Stack pointer and cr30 do not correspond!
Dumping virtual address stack instead

Dumping Stack from 0x20418000 to 0x20418740:
8000 8f1b7ffe 2ff1bc59 1e36fffc 5fe378b2 3c6dfff8 bfc6f164 78ad4aa2 7ffb579b
8020 f15a9544 fff6af36 e2c39fda ff9beb3f c5f18ae6 ff41632d 8b95a09e fef47309
8040 175df46e fd9e5341 2ecd5d8e fb4a13d1 5dec0e4e f6e292f1 bbaea9ce edb390b1
8060 772be6ce db119431 ee2178ce b6559d31 dc3444ce 6cdd8f31 b868899c d9bb1e62
8080 70a7a66a b3008997 e139f986 6677a67d c273f30c ccef4cfa 8491534a 99a82ca7
80a0 095413c6 3326ec1d 12a8278c 664dd83a 25504f18 cc9bb074 4ad62b62 9941d5bb
80c0 95dae396 32f51e25 2bb5c72c 65ea3c4a 576b8e58 cbd47894 aea1a9e2 97de447b
80e0 5d35e696 2fca3da5 ba6bcd2c 5f947b4a 74d79a58 bf28f694 e9d981e2 7e27587b
8100 d3b303c4 fc4eb0f6 a710b2da f8ebd4bf 4e57d0e6 f1a11c2d 9cd9149e e3348d09
8120 39c49c6e c61faf41 73ff8d8e 8c49ebd1 e789ae4e 18e562f1 cf135c9c 31cac5e2
8140 9e26b938 63958bc4 3c4d7270 c72b1788 78ec51b2 8e209a43 f1ae1636 1c3781d5
8160 e35c2c6c 386f03aa c6b858d8 70de0754 8d70b1b0 e1bc0ea8 1a97d632 c30ea803
8180 35591936 866be555 6ac4873e 0ca17ff9 d5890e7c 1942fff2 ab121cf8 3285ffe4
81a0 562439f0 650bffc8 ac4873e0 ca17ff90 58e65292 94594a73 b1ba1076 28c421b5
81c0 637420ec 5188436a c6e841d8 a31086d4 8da636e2 4657b8fb 1b4c6dc4 8caf71f6
81e0 36ee6eda 192856bf 6ddcddb4 3250ad7e dbb9bb68 64a15afc b77376d0 c942b5f8
8200 6e9058f2 92f3dea3 dd5604b6 25910815 baac096c 4b22102a 755812d8 96442054
8220 eac690e2 2cfef5fb d58d21c4 59fdebf6 ab1a4388 b3fbd7ec 56423242 67811a8b
8240 ac846484 cf023516 597e7c5a 9e72df7f b28a4de6 3c930bad 65149bcc 7926175a
8260 ca293798 f24c2eb4 9424da62 e4eee83b 283f0196 c9ab6525 5008b67e 93207f19
8280 a067d9ae 26364b61 40cfb35c 4c6c96c2 819f66b8 98d92d84 03487822 31c4ee5b
82a0 0690f044 6389dcb6 0d21e088 c713b96c 1a357442 8e51c78b 341c5dd6 1cd53a45
82c0 6838bbac 39aa748a d0717758 7354e914 a0e2eeb0 e6a9d228 41b36832 cd251103
82e0 83106536 9a3c9755 06567f3e 340f9bf9 0cacfe7c 681f37f2 1959fcf8 d03e6fe4
8300 32c54ca2 a00a6a9b 65fc2c16 40626065 cbf8582c 80c4c0ca 9786050a 01ff34c7
8320 2f0c0a14 03fe698e 5e181428 07fcd31c bc302850 0ff9a638 786050a0 1ff34c70
8340 f0c0a140 3fe698e0 e1814280 7fcd31c0 c3028500 ff9a6380 8673bf52 ff427253
8360 0c91cbf6 fef251f5 195522be fd9216b9 32dcf02e fb529821 65cf550e f6d38511
8380 cbe81f4e edd1bf71 97a68bce dbd5cbb1 2f3ba2ce b7dd2231 5e01f0ce 6fccf131
83a0 bc03e19c df99e262 7871766a bf457197 f0945986 7efc567d e128b30c fdf8acfa
83c0 c227d34a fb87eca7 843913c6 f7796c1d 080492de ee846d69 107f90ee dd7e6f81
83e0 2089948e ba8a6a51 41659c4e 756261f1 82cb389c eac4c3e2 05e0c46a d5ff3297
8400 0bb73d86 ab88d07d 1718ce5e 576715a9 2e319cbc aece2b52 5c158c2a 5deae3f7
8420 b82b1854 bbd5c7ee 702085fa 77dd3a8f e0410bf4 efba751e c0f4a2ba df025f6f
8440 819ff026 be720b8d 0349551e 7c92a249 0692aa3c f9254492 0d53e12a f23c3c77
8460 1ad17706 e40ecdbd 35d45b5e c86b2e29 6bde03ee 90a0e901 d7cab28e 21376751
8480 af95651c 426ecea2 5f2aca38 84dd9d44 be232122 09cd8fdb 7c464244 139b1fb6
84a0 f88c8488 27363f6c f1190910 4e6c7ed8 e2321220 9cd8fdb0 c4129112 39c74e33
84c0 88252224 738e9c66 104a4448 e71d38cc 20e23dc2 ce4cc4cb 41b2ced6 9cef3cc5
84e0 831328fe 39a8ccd9 062651fc 735199b2 0c4ca3f8 e6a33364 18eff2a2 cd30d39b
8500 31a95016 9a171265 6324157e 34589199 c6482afc 68b12332 8c9055f8 d1624664
8520 19561ea2 a2b2399b 32da8816 4512c665 65b5102c 8a258cca cb1c950a 143dacc7
8540 96392a14 287b598e 2c725428 50f6b31c 58e4a850 a1ed6638 b1bfe5f2 43ac7923
8560 637fcbe4 8758f246 c689229a 0ec751df 8d124534 1d8ea3be 1a248a68 3b1d477c
8580 344914d0 763a8ef8 689229a0 ec751df0 d152e612 d89c8eb3 a2d37976 b14fa835
85a0 45d047be 62e9e539 8ba08f7c c5d3ca72 1737abaa 8bd121b7 2e19e206 17d4f63d
85c0 5c33c40c 2fa9ec7a b8678818 5f53d8f4 70cf1030 bea7b1e8 e1e89532 7d39d683
85e0 c3d12a64 fa73ad06 87d4e19a f491ef5f 0fdf7666 e9556bed 1fc8599e d2dc6289
8600 3fe6066e a5ce7041 7fbab98e 4bea55d1 ff75731c 97d4aba2 fe9c536a 2fdfe217
8620 fd38a6d4 5fbfc42e fa714da8 bf7f885c f4942e02 7e89a5eb e9285c04 fd134bd6
8640 d2260d5a fa5022ff a43aafe6 f4d6f0ad 4803ea9e e9db5409 9071606e d3c01d41
8660 2094758e a7f68fd1 415e5e4e 4f9baaf1 82bcbc9c 9f3755e2 050fcc6a 3e181e97
8680 0a1f98d4 7c303d2e 143f31a8 f8607a5c 2808d602 f0b641eb 50671956 e11a3685
86a0 a0b887fe c242d859 4107baae 84f305e1 8279c00e 0990be91 04f3801c 13217d22
86c0 09e70038 2642fa44 13ce0070 4c85f488 279c00e0 990be910 4f4eb492 32616773
86e0 9e9d6924 64c2cee6 3d3ad248 c9859dcc 7a0311c2 937d8ecb f47096d6 268da8c5
8700 e8e12dac 4d1b518a d1c25b58 9a36a314 a3f203e2 341bf37b 47e407c4 6837e6f6
8720 8fc80f88 d06fcdec 1fe6aa42 a0a92e8b 3fbbe1d6 4124e845 7f77c3ac 8249d08a

Kernel Fault: Code=26 regs=10418740 (Addr=0000000c)

PSW: 00000000000001100000000000001111 Not tainted
r00-03  00000000 10328010 10396928 103f0010
r04-07  00000008 103ef010 00000013 0000002f
r08-11  1033dc64 1032bbac 10000080 1032b810
r12-15  000000f2 000000fa 000000ff 000000f3
r16-19  f0001760 f0000124 f000011c 00000000
r20-23  00000002 00000000 103f07d0 00000000
r24-27  00000093 00000002 00000093 10318010
r28-31  00000000 0000002f 10418740 103968dc
sr0-3   00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
sr4-7   00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

IASQ: 00000000 00000000 IAOQ: 101106fc 10110700
 IIR: 0e781096    ISR: 00000000  IOR: 0000000c
 CPU:        0   CR30: 10418000 CR31: 103d0000
 ORIG_R28: 00000000

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