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Re: X windows won't work

Yeah, the mouse thing. There is another thread about that
right now. I don't know what causes it, but instead of
rebooting just switch to a VC and then back to X by
pressing <Ctrl><Alt><F1> then <Ctrl><Alt><F6>. This seems
to wake it back up on my machine at least.

- Doug

James E. Merritt wrote:
Hi Doug,

Thank you for the suggestion, I changed the color depth to 8 and now x
starts right up.  I am running KDE and it works very well, maybe a little
slow considering this is a 712/100 with 128M ram, but it is very useful.

Another problem has cropped up, it is with my mouse, I need to check the
settings.  Sometimes the mouse locks up and I have to restart the machine.
Anybody have any suggestions?

Now I know that Debian Woody works on this machine, I have another 712/100
to install Woody on.

Thank you for the help Doug.

James E. Merritt

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