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Re: problems to boot debian with boot-admin

Hi! I've a 715/100 HP pa-risc and i've a little truble to boot with debian iso's.
Now i'm going to explain my problem:

When the computer boot-up I enter to the boot-admin setup, i put the first debian hppa iso into de cd-rom unit and i try to boot with the next line: "boot scsi.2.0" that is the cd-rom unit name.

After it, the systems seems to boot, but it's says me this error:

"Read from boot device failed (status=-13)"
"Byteio_read seekread() returned -1 expected ....." 
"Fatal error Loader Kernel executable ERROR: failed to load kernel."

I think that maybe is a problem with the iso burning, maybe cd it's wrong, but i don't know where i can find what is the meaning of status -13. I read the debian faq, but i can't find any solution...

It's only a bad cd?it's a configuration problem?


	Ferran Fàbregas 

Ferran Fàbregas
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