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Re: Debian-HPPA & Java

Ralf Hildebrandt said:
> > > jikes in debian supports hppa (or at least is compiled for it). kaffe
> > > also has upstream patches for preliminary hppa support, but it's far
> > > from complete, and the debian package doesn't yet have the hppa patches.
> > 
> > The current release (came out 2 days ago) builds just fine. I even
> > built a package from it using the debian directory from the current
> > debian package
> BTW, what is the modus operandi of kicking the maintainer's butt?

Send a polite request to the package's maintainer asking them to put out
a new version with the upstream fixes.  =)

The maintainer's email address is in here:


(as well as many other places, eg dpkg -p kaffe)

Before sending any abusive comments though, check the kaffe bug page to
see if there have been any 'wishlist' requests to upgrade to the latest
sources.  Also ask the maintainer if there is any reason for (him)
holding back ...

Remember, you can always download the Debian kaffe package sources, put
the new upstream kaffe source in it, test it out, and send it to the
maintainer yourself.  =)


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