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Re: 715/33 aka Strider 33 : keyboard & serials

> Hello All
> does someone has  Y cable informations for 
> using both /dev/ttyS0 AND /dev/ttyS1 on a hppa ?
> i need both a mouse on sti and a term to debug :-)
> i dont get all characters with my keyboard or they are wrong.
> does someone has troubles with hphil 46021c #ABA keyboard ?
> does someone has solutions about that ?
> does someone use a hphil mouse with hppa-debian ?
> Regards 
> Jean-Yves

The HIL keymap doesn't seem to work anymore for 715/50 and 715/33.
I haven't had time to investigate this. Though I should really
spend some time looking at the new HIL driver.

Using ttyS0 and ttyS1 is just like using any regular serial console.
Activiating those consoles for bootup info is a matter of entering
the bios (ESC, admin, path console rs232_a, ...) 

I don't use a mouse on any of the 715 systems I have.


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