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I am on the list for the last ~500 Messages. This was my conservative
(pessimistic?) preparation for installing yesterday.
Yesterday I received my B132L-box (no CDROM/Floppy), and started installing
via bootpd on another linux-box. Within seconds after setting up bootpd I
saw a Penguin in the top left corner and the installation menu came up.

I want to express my best congratulations and honour to the community for
their great work, and now as I am part of it I hope I can contribute in
steering towards a stable 1.0

As I don't have the full ISO yet, I stopped yesterday late at night - there
were some tiny tricks I had to do, but I couldn't install from my local
webserver, it said 'no route to host' propably it tries to resolve as a name first (didn't provide any DNS)
But don't consider that as a problem, I will start installing heavily on the
weekend with the full ISO and more RTFM...

Time for my first QUESTION:
can I have my small /boot partition in ext3 ? with the standard kernel from
0.93 ?

Best regards,

Matthias Wenzel

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