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Re: [parisc-linux] c200 fx graphics status?

Well, my Ebay special C200 "raven" arrived today... and it works!
I plugged in an extra 256Mb RAM and an old 4X scsi cdrom drive,
hooked ye olde dumbe terminal, and pushed yonder button.

I'm impressed, it came with a completely unconfigured HP/UX B11.11
so I got to set up my root password, network, etc. The dang thing
has internet connectivity already!

Now I am in somewhat of a dilemma. I got this bohemoth to be a parisc-linux
box, but one hates to wipe a pristine HP/UX which one got for free :-)

So now it would appear that I am in need of a new hard drive. My 23GB
Seagate Elite will definately not fit inside the case, and I'm using it
on the X86 machine anyways. Back to Ebay...

I can still test out the latest 0.9.3 cdrom image which I will burn
one this weekend. I don't have an EVC adapter yet so I can't test
the STI / X11 yet.

This machine seems to have been mis-advertised and actually contains
an EG board rather than a FX. I am disappointed yet happy because the
EG will run X in linux right?


- Doug

Grant Grundler wrote:
"B. Douglas Hilton" wrote:

Hi list!

I just subscribed here. I'm on debian-hppa but that doesn't
seem to get much traffic, so I'll repost my question here.

Yeah - parisc-linux is a more appropriate place for the question anyway.

I sold it on Ebay and rolled
my profits into a C200 with some unspecified FX graphics

Not supported since HP hasn't published the docs for it.
Almost all the older gfx cards are supported including
the Vis-EG (PCI or GSC) that you mentioned in you posting
to debian-hppa.


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