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Re: visualize fx4

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From: "Kurc, Marcin A." <makurc@cooperstandard.com>
To: <debian-hppa@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 6:49 PM
Subject: visualize fx4

> Hi,
> I couldn't find any info on Visualize fx4 on the net.
> Is it supported yet?
> Marcin Kurc

I am having the same problem !
I am now up and running the Debian Linux - thanx for all comments and help
getting me this far !!!
But - not able to have a monitor connected to the gfx card "Visualize
4-fx" - ie nothing
happens on the screen after Linux boot starts.
So I have tried to install an S3 pci gfx card instead - causing the machine
to freeze (it seems..).
Is there a way to put the fx-4 card in function - eg by installing a 3Dfx
card together with the fx-4 card
or do anyone now of a card that will comply with HP9000-C200 as well as
Debian Linux ??
As a total rookie I would like to get familiar with Linux using X-windows
Wherefore I also plan to assemble a celeron 433 machine and have Debian i386
installed :-)

Btw : On the pci sockets inside tha HP9000-C200 there are labels stating
these are 5V pci slots,
is that the standard pci voltage ?
I think I have heard somewhere that standard pci is 3.3V ???

/Henning, Denmark.

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