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hppa libc problems (bugs 140490 and 140494)

Hi guys,

These two bugs need a resolution for woody. Options are: fix them
properly, work around them, ignore them, or don't release hppa.

It'd be possible to just ignore the problem, and leave the old cyrus-sasl
around. It'd mean you wouldn't be able to rebuild cyrus-sasl easily,
but that's okay. It'd also mean programs using sasl and ldap would break
irritatingly on hppa but nowhere else, but I can live with that too.

As far as making the problem go away, the easiest solution would seem
to be to make db2 just version the exact symbols it exports. Can this
be done? Is there any real reason not to do it?

It's not clear to me what the deal with 140494 is. Have weak symbols always
been broken on hppa (in which case why has this only now been reported)? If
not, what's being done to fix this?


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