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Re: Network install on 712/80

> I just installed Woody on a HP 712/80.
> I noticed a few things:
>  - PALO needs a f0 type partition to boot from. The note does not reccomend a 
>     size for this partition. I use 80Mb thinking it would be like /boot on my 
>     other machines, but it does not seem to be used at all so I imagine I     
>     could have used a lot less.
>  - NFS root installs are not easy. The diskless-createbasetgz tool is useful  
>    but rather primitive. I might write a more convenient tool for the job if  
>    I get round to it.
>  - Serious lack of reliable documentation on HP systems. This is a more       
>     general problem. I'm going to write a mini HOWTO to install Debian on
>     this type of machine to document the stupid stuff I did.
> Otherwise, very nice indeed! Well done to the port team!

Yes, agreed, great job! :)

It would be nice to see:

- Which machines have LASI,WAX,Elroy etc...
	= Hopefully in a summarized list 
	= (not http://hwdb.parisc-linux.org/)
	= Maybe I'll get around to this later :)

Reminders about:

- Boot the lifimage not the kernel! ;)
- Old machines use rboot, new ones use bootp.


My NFS Install general steps were:

1- debootstrap to create initial root (full system)
2- boot system diskless 
	= modify kernel to use NFSROOT=x.x.x.x with no directory
	= Which defaults to /tftpboot/IP_OF_SYSTEM I believe.
3- apt-get install any extra's and configure system.
4- shut system down, modify kernel to use NFSROOT=x.x.x.x/nfsrootdir
	= Boots system using readonly nfsroot.
5- tar the nfsroot and place copy inside nfsroot
6- boot system diskless,
	mount drive, 
	setup palo,
	untar fs, done (scriptable)

Note: When doing multi machine installs, you only need
      need to repeat step 6 for each install :)
      I installed an entire 50+ 715/50 cluster in less
      than 20 minutes using this method.


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