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Re: Install 0.93 on B132L cdrom problem

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 09:58:25AM -0000, David Cawkwell wrote:
> I'm attempting to install PA Risc Linux 0.93 on a B132L

Should work ok.

> I have created a CDROM and booted the system. But when it comes to actually
> installing files from the CDROM after configuring the disks etc it doesn't
> seem
> to see the CDROM drive.
> I have a SCSI cdrom attached to ID 3. So I assume the device is /dev/scd0
> When it asks me to select the cdrom device there is a whole list of probably
> 100 devices it thinks could be the cdrom??

Havn't seen that problem before.  Sometimes a CD might be detected
multiple times if it is configured with the same ID as the host adaptor,
but then I'd only expect 7 or so false devices.  Anyway, as you have
booted from the CD, it must basically work.

If you ask the firmware to search for bootable devices how many does
that see?

Installing over the network from a linux PC would be an easy option, if
you have one available.

Also, if your machine has reasonable external network access, you could
try to install from a debian archive.  Might hit some problems with the
kernel in the archive not matching the one you booted, but if you avoid
the 'configure kernel modules' step you might still succeed.


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