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Install 0.93 on B132L cdrom problem

I'm attempting to install PA Risc Linux 0.93 on a B132L

I have created a CDROM and booted the system. But when it comes to actually
installing files from the CDROM after configuring the disks etc it doesn't
to see the CDROM drive.

I have a SCSI cdrom attached to ID 3. So I assume the device is /dev/scd0

When it asks me to select the cdrom device there is a whole list of probably
100 devices it thinks could be the cdrom??

Running a shell and trying to mount this

mount /dev/scd0 /mnt 

just errors with can't find device or file.

Is there a command to scan the system to see what it thinks it has booted

I have tried installing over the network from a Windows 2000 machine
but find the paths to files are incorrect from what the installation is
and the install hangs.

Has anyone managed to install this on a similar machine?

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