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Re: SCSI disk

stevework@purpleshack.com wrote:
>   I'm trying to use it to modify the sector byte size on a 2
>   gb IBM scsi disk, and it keeps giving me a "failed to update page xxx"
>   (can't remember exactly, as I'm not near the box right now).

Format page. It possible you can't update the page the way
you think you can. format page has 3 (or 4?) variants: changeable,
default, current.

> Anybody had any luck with this command?  I can't use the scsi-config command,
>    as I'm running (semi) headless with no X Server, so it's command line all 
>   the way.....

I haven't tried this on linux yet...someone else has but I don't recall
offhand who it was.


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