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Re: Dillo web browser compiles easily and works on Debian hppa platform!

Actually it is in the debian/hppa tree for while. It's better than
nothing, but still far from good. The author is a little strict with his
view on how HTML should be done so a lot of sites don't work, most notably
eBay. I made a couple of true "hacks" so I can use it for eBay now.

Still the ultimate goal is to fix the ^$*(#&$!! threads so mozilla and its
siblings galeon, skipstone run on hppa. I've been digging around in it for
a while but I'm just not knowledgable enough with all that system
architecture stuff.... :-( 


On Mon, 18 Feb 2002 01:28:05 -0500
"B. Douglas Hilton" <doug.hilton@engineer.com> wrote:

> I thought I would mention it, as the only browsers available
> so far appear to be Emacs, konqueror, and Lynx.
> Requirements:
>  libglib1.2-dev
>  libgtk1.2-dev
>  libpng-dev
>  libjpeg-dev
>  xlibs-dev
> I just did a "./configure; make" and it built and works!
> Very nice - what a nifty little browser, and IMHO much
> more pretty than Lynx! Possibly the ultimate lightweight browser,
> and on a 715/80 you need all the speed you can get!
> http://dillo.sourceforge.net
> Test System: HP 9000 715/80 with Debian "testing"
> -- 
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