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Re: HIL keyboard not found - how to use serial

Hello once more:

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 03:42:22PM -0700, Dean Allen Provins wrote:
> Hello (again):
> The dozen or so 715/75's that we're trying to get running satisfactorily
> don't always find the HIL keyboard at boot time.  In fact, some are

I'm pleased to say that with the assistance of Jean-Yves Guillevic and
Bill Ferguson, we were able to get those 715/75's up and running.  Now
it's time to bring them up to date, which is our next immediate task.

We did encounter one curious problem.  While booting from the serial
console, we thought we might alter the "console" parameter under
"path".  This was done after setting it on the "STI" console to serial.  The
problem was that upon booting as "boot P2 ipl", the prompt would
default to item "0" (e.g. 2/vmlinux32), and we could NOT change it
with BACKSPACE, DELETE, ^H or any other key combination that came to

We could add, but not delete characters.  Growing concerned, we hit
the power button before writing the corrupted values to ROM.

For the record, the machines boot up as:

	Linux pa1_4 2.4.9-32 #1 Wed Oct 17 13:34:04 BST 2001 parisc unknown

Regards and thanks,


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