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Re: Couple of questions

At 08:52 AM 1/27/2002, you wrote:
Greetings!   I have recently acquired an HP 715/100, and am very interested
in the Debian HP-PA project.  I run Debian on several Intel PC both at work
and home.

I have two questions that I haven't been able to located answers for.  I
have searched the mailing list archives, but didn't have much luck/

1) Is there an inexpensive source for HIL keyboards? (I think this is
why I got my 715 for such a cheap               price...)

                Has anyone used the HIL->PS/2 adapter found on

2) I want to replace the factory 1.05gb (ST11200N) hard drive with a larger drive. Do I need a drive with the proprietary HP firmware? Or
will any                        (<4.3gb) SE SCSI drive work?

Any backward compatible (narrow SCSI) drive should work. I have an 18 gig IBM Deskstar drive in mine. I think even most LVD drives now are backward compatible, its cheaper for manufacturers to sell one drive than stock all the different varieties.

Thanks for any/all advice and comments.  I'm looking forward to getting
Debian installed on my 715.


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