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Re: atlas on HPPA (PA RISC)

In reference to a message from Camm Maguire, dated Jan 06:
> Greetings!  Anyone out there using these machines wanting an atlas
> port?  I've run into some very odd compiler problems, and am in need
> of an expert to go any further.  Basically, single precision floating
> point fails accross the board, double passes all tests.  The compiler
> dies with an error if the code tries to tune for too large a cache.
> Cross compilation with -march=1.0 fails.

first of all, you probably don't want -march=1.0 .... try 1.1

also there are some floating point issues on hppa-linux right now. willy
mentioned that the 'long double' type is broken (gcc and glibc don't
agree on its size) but i don't know if that's the problem in atlas.

python2 also has a sqrt on floating point number problem, but i don't
know if it's related to this or not.

if you can provide a simple test case that is failing, it'll help us
track down the problem.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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