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Re: FWD: Re: gimp, gnome, libgtk-perl, etc, etc

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, LaMont Jones wrote:

> How old a lifimage?  As of the last ISO that got released (so far as I
> know), there was less-than-perfect support for semaphores on the chipset
> in the 735.

I got the lifimage from the 2001-11-18 set that's on master.  I managed to
watch the boot enough times to see what's causing me a problem: it's not
seeing the HID keyboard at all and claims that it's not there.  I tried
unplugging the mouse from the keyboard (just in case), which didn't
help.  I did manage to get it booted once with the keyboard recognised,
but it behaved very badly and finally just stopped working when I was
trying to partition the disks.

> Another option would be to get you a chroot on paer where you could test
> out your fix.

That's an idea.  I may see what happens on the other 735 that I have (I
can always swap the disks).  I just found it odd that the kernel didn't
recognise it, but the keyboard worked fine when I was messing with the
boot options.


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