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Re: Getting up and running


Sounds like you are actually more set up to run the graphical console
and the HIL keyboard / mouse. I'm getting ready to switch my system
back to the STI (graphics) console myself. I have an ancient 13" Acer
SVGA monitor w/ VGA plug and I recently aquired a HP HIL kb and
mouse from ebay.
I noticed in my endeavors that the 0.9.2 iso's resulted in a kernel panic
on my system, so I went back to the older 0.9.0 images and they worked
just fine for me. The 0.9.2 iso is unified regarding serial vs STI, so if it
works that would be best, if not then try the 0.9.0 iso of your choice. The
serial version worked for me, and now that I have my hd formatted with
a working root partition I can stick other kernels on the drive and try
to get graphics working.
   To select a non-default kernel, copy it into your /boot directory and
name it something like "vmlinux-custom". Then from your boot admin
prompt do: "BOOT IPL"
This will stop the boot halfway so you can edit the kernel string to make
it point to your test kernel.

- Doug

Albert Strasheim wrote:

Good day,

I recently acquired what I believe to be a HP 725/50 (if such a thing
exists). I also have a good collection of SCSI hard drives and a SCSI
CD-ROM. I also have a keyboard+mouse (UTP-ish pluggies) and a fat 19"
grayscale monitor (co-ax plug).

As Doug Hilton described a few weeks ago, I enabled the serial console
from the BOOT_ADMIN> prompt. I'm still hunting for a null-modem cable,
but I should have one shortly.
My question is this: what boot floppy/LIF image/ISO should I be using
for the best chance at a successful install?

Also, is there perhaps a boot floppy that supports my display, so that I
don't have to fiddle with null-modem cables? I am under the impression
that the installation kernel doesn't have support for my display, but I
could be totally mistaken.

I have a CD-ROM with the 0.9.2 ISO on it, and I've booted it, but
half-way through the screen went blank. I presume this is where the
serial console becomes rather handy...?

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance.


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