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Getting up and running

Good day,

I recently acquired what I believe to be a HP 725/50 (if such a thing
exists). I also have a good collection of SCSI hard drives and a SCSI
CD-ROM. I also have a keyboard+mouse (UTP-ish pluggies) and a fat 19"
grayscale monitor (co-ax plug).

As Doug Hilton described a few weeks ago, I enabled the serial console
from the BOOT_ADMIN> prompt. I'm still hunting for a null-modem cable,
but I should have one shortly. 

My question is this: what boot floppy/LIF image/ISO should I be using
for the best chance at a successful install?

Also, is there perhaps a boot floppy that supports my display, so that I
don't have to fiddle with null-modem cables? I am under the impression
that the installation kernel doesn't have support for my display, but I
could be totally mistaken.

I have a CD-ROM with the 0.9.2 ISO on it, and I've booted it, but
half-way through the screen went blank. I presume this is where the
serial console becomes rather handy...?

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance.


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