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problems with machines crashing

Hi Debian HPPAers,

A few weeks ago I installed Debian from the 0.9.0 ISO images on
www.parisc-linux.org, on a B132L+. It worked ok, bit unstable
but generally ok. Recently I ran apt-get to upgrade it to
all the latest stuff, and now it seems to panic on bootup
just after it gets to the login prompt. Anyway, the owner
of the machine needs it back to reinstall HPUX so I gave up
on that machine.

Today I installed it on a 715/80. Install was OK, managed
to avoid crashing the kernel by using nvi this time. Used
apt-get to get the latest stuff, and after bootup, it too
panics. Actually, it dumps pages of pages of "Dumping stack
trace" or something similar to the console.

Now during bootup, it needs me to login as root to repair
the file system, and the keyboard doesn't seem to do anything.
It worked fine during installation.

I couldn't work out how to get to the IPL prompt on the
715/80, so I couldn't get single user mode (or emergency

So, some questions.. firstly, how do I get to IPL so I
can pass additional parameters to the kernel through PALO?

Then, any ideas how I fix it from crashing? I don't know
exactly what causes it. Maybe it's getty, so would replacing
that with mingetty on the console help? Would upgrading
the kernel help? I'm using the standard kernel that comes
as part of the installation.

many thanks,
Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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