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Re: ["Richard Barsby" <richard_barsby@hotmail.com>] 0.9 release

* Bdale Garbee (bdale@gag.com) [010627 17:03]:

> I have down loaded the 0.9 sti iso.gz image 3 times now and winzip 8 says
> it is not a valid archive file what is wrong my 0.5 was fine.

Are you downloading using IE perchance?  I had this problem when I was
downloading 0.6.  The cause was that the drive that held my "Temporary
Internet Files" folder was too small to hold the entire ISO image.  IE
downloads into the temp folder and then moves the file to the final location
that you specify.  If you try to download something that is too big, then
the file that you end up with in the final location will be truncated (but
you don't get an error to that effect -- go Redmond!).

I solved the problem by downloading it with FTP directly to the place I
wanted to use it.

Hope that helps.


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