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Re: Headless workstation?

Joe Drew said:
> Unfortunately I don't have a serial console available. I was looking for
> just how to disable the error on startup when a keyboard isn't available..

You don't require a physical serial terminal; with a null-modem cable
from the 712 to the serial port of another system (Linux, Windows, it
doesn't matter) and a terminal emulation program on that system you will
have a perfectly functional serial console - with the added advantage
that you can copy&paste everything that is printed to the console for
bug reports etc.

For the keyboard problem, you can either find another PS2 keyboard and
plug that in, or buy/make a PS/2 loopback connector which will
effectively make the PS/2 port think there is a keyboard attached.

> I'm a little bit wary of enabling a serial console, particularly when it
> could very well interact poorly with my desire every so often to plug
> in a keyboard/monitor to the box.

That shouldn't be a problem.

> Please encrypt email sent to me.

Not much point without a secure exchange and verification of keys.


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