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Re: HPPA linux install on 715/33 hanging at "Console: colour dummy device 80x25"

I'll save the others the trouble: the 715/33 or Scorpio Jr is as yet

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 estair@computer-exchange.com wrote:

>Hello there. I've got an Apollo 9000 715/33 that I'm installing
>PA-Linux on to use as a syslog server.  Equipment I have for
>use in the system are: 2GB DDS drive, HP Colorado 4000
>TR4 drive, Plextor CDROM, an array of available SCSI drives
>that all work.  Machine has ROM versions: PDC 1.4, IODC 1.2,
>16MB ram.
>I am installing from the STI-32bit image, using a standard HIL
>keyboard.  Date _is_ set before booting from CD.
>My issue is that I can boot from the install CD, and the kernel
>starts to load, I get a display of devices detected (serial, HIL,
>video etc. 11 total)
>That's a total of 11 devices.
>CPU(s): 1 x PA7100 (PCX-T) at 33.333500 MHz
>Kernel command line: HOME=/ TERM=linux root=/dev/ram \
>console=tty0 sti=0 sti_font=VGA8x16
>Console: colour dummy device 80x25
>Hangs here.  I'm guessing it has to do with the 1.4 ROM version
>I'm using.  I'm currently trying to updateto 1.6, but can't run HP's
>update (PF_C7X50016) script within a Linux/Intel box as I get
>an "unary operator expected" error and it halts.
>Any ideas?  I appreciate any responses and will try all recommendations.
>My pre-emptive thanks!
>Eli Stair
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