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HPPA linux install on 715/33 hanging at "Console: colour dummy device 80x25"

Hello there. I've got an Apollo 9000 715/33 that I'm installing 
PA-Linux on to use as a syslog server.  Equipment I have for
use in the system are: 2GB DDS drive, HP Colorado 4000
TR4 drive, Plextor CDROM, an array of available SCSI drives
that all work.  Machine has ROM versions: PDC 1.4, IODC 1.2,
16MB ram.

I am installing from the STI-32bit image, using a standard HIL 
keyboard.  Date _is_ set before booting from CD.
My issue is that I can boot from the install CD, and the kernel
starts to load, I get a display of devices detected (serial, HIL,
video etc. 11 total)
That's a total of 11 devices.
CPU(s): 1 x PA7100 (PCX-T) at 33.333500 MHz
Kernel command line: HOME=/ TERM=linux root=/dev/ram \
console=tty0 sti=0 sti_font=VGA8x16
Console: colour dummy device 80x25

Hangs here.  I'm guessing it has to do with the 1.4 ROM version
I'm using.  I'm currently trying to updateto 1.6, but can't run HP's
update (PF_C7X50016) script within a Linux/Intel box as I get
an "unary operator expected" error and it halts.

Any ideas?  I appreciate any responses and will try all recommendations.
My pre-emptive thanks!



Eli Stair
<I'm on vacation, and so is my .sig!>

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