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Scorpio Jr. Installation report

Media: 		Puffin's palinux-0.9-32sti.iso.gz, unzipped and burned to CD

Hardware:	HP 715/33
			PDC ROM rev. 1.2
			IODC ROM rev. 1.1
			16M of RAM (72-pin?!)

		Toshiba 3301 (HP rebranded) external CD
		HP 2094 monitor
		Stock lance ethernet (not connected until required)

		successfully got the CD to boot.
		palo successful
		ramdisk 1.6M
		found 11 devices
		Console: colour dummy device 80x25
		>>>>HARD HANGUP<<<<

Result:		Failure.  STI console probably not configured for the
715's hardware or the test machine had a non-standard graphics option.
(looked like a Brooktree chipset)

	If this is to be the Woody CD, it's probably best that the 715 is
not included in the compatibility list for the STI set.

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