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List of packages for hppa ISO release

Hi binary-hppa hackers,

I have generated a list of packages that we intend to put in the ISO release 
at the end of this month. The list represents a first pass at what pb, willy, 
and I think should be installed on a parisc linux server box. We have excluded 
packages from non-US for the same reasons that Debian does. The way this list 
was generated was by installing the packages and then running a "dpkg 
--get-selections". If you like you can make your system identical to this list 
by feeding the list to "dpkg --set-selections". The list is available at,


There are still a few missing dependencies but those should be taken care of 
in the next few days. If you have additions/deletions to the list please send 
them to me.


Matt Taggart        Linux Development Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   HP Linux Systems Operation

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