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Re: A500 status update

Paul Bame wrote:
> This is a pretty big difference from my experience on c3k but I was using
> Friday's bits:

Another variable:  I rebuilt my own hppa64 XC from the latest gcc/binutils
I'll try taggart's latest XC bits on the next round.

> Maybe you have some older signal code in your tree?  I explicitly tested

Not kernel tree. Very likely my NFS root is stale.

> I've had some problems with syslogd too, but nfsroot-latest it seems
> fine.

hmm....I have that.  nfsroot-latest.tar.gz -> nfsroot-20001009.tar.gz

> When I run hwclock by hand I get warnings from the ioctl() syscall
> converter about unknown ioctls, but no crash or anything.

ok. Perhaps it's time to re-enable that.

> There will
> possibly be a LOT of unknown ioctls to translate, and we owe thanks
> to Grant for turning on the skeleton of the ioctl converter stolen
> from sparc/mips (parisc64/kernel/ioctl32.c)

I didn't do that much!
You figured out the 64-bit function pointer crud! :^)
That was the only really b0rken part.


Grant Grundler
Unix Systems Enablement Lab

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