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Re: A500 status update

This is a pretty big difference from my experience on c3k but I was using
Friday's bits:

= > I forgot to mention:
= > o sleep seg faults (syscall issue?)

Maybe you have some older signal code in your tree?  I explicitly tested

= > o syslogd seg faults (ditto?)

I've had some problems with syslogd too, but nfsroot-latest it seems

= > o CONFIG_GENRTC=n since hwclock crashes the system at that point

When I run hwclock by hand I get warnings from the ioctl() syscall
converter about unknown ioctls, but no crash or anything.  There will
possibly be a LOT of unknown ioctls to translate, and we owe thanks
to Grant for turning on the skeleton of the ioctl converter stolen
from sparc/mips (parisc64/kernel/ioctl32.c)

= I see "KERNEL BUG at page_alloc.c:111" at random - not very often
= though.

I see that one too.

= Trying to mount a local file system is ok, but trying to mount an
= nfs file system causes mount to segv.

I've had poor luck with network clients like ping and telnet from
the nfs root and you could be seeing a related problem with NFS.
When I compiled a new ping it worked fine, so
it's possible there's an incompatibility in a networking
data structure caused by my posix_types.h changes.

I've decided to take a vacation from syscall wrappers for now because
it seems like once we have a new user space that things may be stable
and functional enough to focus on other areas.  I envision that we'll
add wrappers for unimplemented syscalls and ioctls as the need arises

I've left many syscalls disabled and think we should keep them turned
off until it's proven they actually are used.  We should
probably consider nuking them in the 32-bit kernel too.


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