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Re: firmware error on compiling kernel

Jerome Verleyen wrote:
> And i got an error message like this, when i make "make Image"

I'll assume you mean "make lifimage".

> hppa-linux-gcc -I. -I../lib -I../include -O2 -fwritable-strings
> -mdisable-fpregs -Wall   -c -o pdc_bootio.o pdc_bootio.c
> bootloader.h:27: conflicting types for `firmware_call'
> /tmp/opt/palinux/hppa-linux/sys-include/asm/pdc.h:159: previous
> declaration of `firmware_call'

I suspect your bootloader.h and opt/palinux tool chain are out of sync.
I don't get this error using xc-20001122.tar.gz tools posted by
matt taggart.


Grant Grundler
Unix Systems Enablement Lab

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